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Fair Use Policy

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1. Please do not upload copy-righted material.

2. Files larger than 2MB, can be included as links.

3. Protect yours and respect other's privacy.

4. Content that solicits regarding any non-academic activity will be disabled without warning. Repeated instances may lead to banning such user.

Internal Assessment Semester IV, VI

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Please bring any discrepancies to the notice of latest by 11-May-2022 5:00 PM.

The problem should be reported using the Format provided only. (Scroll down the announcements for the Format)

Optional Papers Registration - Semester II

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The ensuing Semester II students should register for their optional papers (GE/ AECC/ LC as applicable) on in the "Registrations" tab.

The link is open till midnight of 30-April-2022.

Please choose your option(s) carefully. Registered choices cannot be modified later.