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Fair Use Policy

by Admin User -

1. Please do not upload copy-righted material.

2. Files larger than 2MB, can be included as links.

3. Protect yours and respect other's privacy.

4. Content that solicits regarding any non-academic activity will be disabled without warning. Repeated instances may lead to banning such user.

GE/AEEC Options for Semester III and V

by Admin User -

Please visit and select your option for the Semester III and V, as applicable. (In "Registrations Tab").

Link is open from 25th July 2021 22:00:00 to 10th August 2021 till midnight.

Please choose option(s) carefully after due consideration.

It will not be possible to change option later.

(* Department of Commerce has already collected options for B.Com.(Hons.) students)

Examination Fee Payment for Semester-II

by Admin User -

Visit and put your Roll No (in upper case) in the Payments Tab.

You will see the due Payment. Proceed as per on-screen instructions.

Examination Fee is not generated for the students whose data is incomplete with the College (option missing or similar problem). They should immediately update the College Office.

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