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Fair Use Policy

by Admin User -

1. Please do not upload copy-righted material.

2. Files larger than 2MB, can be included as links.

3. Protect yours and respect other's privacy.

4. Content that solicits regarding any non-academic activity will be disabled without warning. Repeated instances may lead to banning such user.

Update - IA Semester IV, VI

by Admin User -

Certain inclusions / corrections have been made to IA in the past week.

Please send any remaining discrepancies to latest by 18-May-2021, 5:00 PM.

Internal Assessment (Jan-April Semester 2021)

by Admin User -

Internal Assessment for IV and VI Semester enclosed.

Please address any queries/discrepancies to

You may use the format available with posting of Sem-II Internal Assessment (posted on 16-03-2021 here  below) for sending to

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