History of Modern China (c.1840-1960) (NC)

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BA (Hons.) History
Semester V
Topic outline
The course studies the transformation of China from an imperial power into a modern nation taking its place among a constellation of world powers. This transition has been studied in the context of the impact of a specific form of western imperialism as also her numerous internal fissures and contradictions.. This paper seeks to focus on a range of responses to the tumultuous changes taking place: various strands of reform (from liberal to authoritarian), popular movements, and revolutionary struggles. It facilitates an understanding of the multiple trajectories of China’s political and cultural transition from a late imperial state, to a‘flawed’ Republic, to the Communist Revolution led by Mao Tse Tung. The paper shall students historiographical debates pertaining to each of these themes, keeping in mind historical and contemporary concerns centered on such issues
CourseType: DSE