The course introduces the foundations of database management systems focusing on significance of a database, relational data model, schema creation and normalization, transaction processing, indexing, and the relevant data structures (files and B+-trees).
CourseType: Core
The course introduces fundamental Software Engineering approaches and techniques for software development. The students also develop a case study using appropriate software model.
CourseType: Core
This course teaches techniques for the design and analysis of efficient algorithms. Topics covered include Algorithm design techniques, Dynamic programming, searching, sorting, amortized analysis, and graph algorithms. The students will be enabled to write efficient algorithms for a given problem, along with the proof of correctness of their proposed algorithm.
CourseType: Core
Course Learning Outcomes

1. Develop an R script and execute it
2. Install, load, and deploy the required packages, and build new packages for sharing and
3. Extract data from different sources using API and use it for data analysis
4. Visualize and summarize the data
5. Design application with database connectivity for data analysis
CourseType: AEEC